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From One-time Allowances, Automated Tax, Gratuity, Notice Period Payments Calculations and Deductions to Processing of Non-Salary Allowances, RobustHR Payroll helps you handle these processes with ease.

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Our solution covers every aspect of payroll, providing you with an exhaustive and reliable system.

RobustHR Payroll empowers you to take full control of the payroll cycle providing you a comprehensive solution that leaves no stone unturned, ensuring that you can manage your payroll with ease and confidence.

Payroll Month

provides user-defined payroll settings for a single standard period throughout the company, the ability to upload one-time allowances via Excel, and automated overtime/ex-gratia calculations.


Offers automated tax calculations with user-defined tax slabs and marginal relief policy, as well as tax forecasting and tax assumption features, in addition to tax return and salary certificate management.


Streamlines the PF process with automatic deduction of employee and employer contributions, year-end processing, and PF ledger and statement management, as well as profit distribution and PF withdrawal management.

Loans and Advance Management

You have the flexibility to define loan types and manage loans against PF and gratuity, as well as bonuses with or without salary. Additionally, our software simplifies the processing of non-salary allowances for your convenience.

Payslip Distribution

RobustHR Payroll enables bulk printing of documents through the ESS portal and also provides the option to send documents via email for added convenience.

Social Security

RobustHR Payroll automatically deducts both employee and employer contributions, making the payroll process more efficient and accurate.

Old Age Benefits

RobustHR Payroll automates the deduction of both employee and employer contributions for old age benefits, making it easier for you to manage and process these benefits.

Final Statement

Allows for user-defined payroll settings, including a single standard period for the entire company, the ability to upload one-time allowances via Excel, and automated overtime and ex-gratia calculations.

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In our company, we desired a payroll system that could provide the needed controls and access rights for different approving individuals. We got it right with RobustHR as their payroll module has helped us to be more accurate, no more data double entry and all manual approval processes eliminated.

Tony Adigwe Payroll Manager - Cybernetics International Services Ltd.
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