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The Challenge

Hiring and Separation is an ongoing process in any organization. Huge time is spent on determining hiring needs, posting job vacancies, filtering suitable candidates, getting them tested and interviewed. If your organization is doing the same and feels it wasting time, then clearly it is in need of a better solution.

How we come in

Why RobustHR?

Now you don’t need to go through the time consuming process of determining and processing job vacancies, neither do you need to spend time in filtering hundreds of resumes. You can search resumes based on multiple criteria and send call and rejection letters from a single click, saving up to 90% of your time. Manage multiple interviews and let the system generate the top candidates list. Hire the right people with the right skill set in shortest time.

Once finalized, the candidate can be issued an Offer Letter through the sys and a hiring checklist process ensures that all “things to do” (before and after the candidate’s date of joining) are completed on time with transparency.

Manpower Request and Approval (Workflow based)

Publishing of Job Vacancies on Job Portal (linked to your website) and Career Center (for Employees)

Resume submission on Job Portal (for External Applicants) and Career Center (for Employees)

Resume Search – facility of searching and sorting applicants

System Generated Letters / Emails – Interview and Test Call letters, Offer Letters, Regret Letters, etc

E-testing – Competency based

Interview Format and Process Designer

System generated interview schedules and emails to applicants / interviewers

System managed transfer of applicant profile to employee profile at the time of hiring

Hiring Checklist

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How We Have Helped

RobustHR has helped us to improve our turn-around time in planning for manpower, running an effective manpower budget, finding, hiring, and onboarding the best talents. With its powerful applicant tracking system and proactive onboarding tasks, we created compelling candidate experience and better first days for our new hires.

Dr. Janefrancis Duru Divisional Head, Shared Services - ACI Holdings
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